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Come Try-out! (ages 6–12 years welcome)

Learn all four competition strokes, dives, starts and turns. Swimmers are grouped by ages, not by their skill level. All swimmers must be evaluated before beginning the team. Evaluation times are M-W-F, 3:00–3:30 P.M. by appointment only. Swim practices are Monday–Friday on a year round basis. Each swimmer must commit to one of the two days a week practice options provided. Practicing three days a week is recommended, but not mandatory. Parent participation is highly encouraged to help run fun monthly swim meets. Our Barracuda coaches work closely with the North Coast Aquatics coaches to provide a seamless transition to North Coast’s age-group Club Team programs as appropriate. The Barracudas are often in the water at the same time as North Coast’s age-group programs, allowing new swimmers the chance to see kids of all ages in a fun and competitive swim team environment, providing inspiration and excitement to these young athletes as their swimming skills develop.

Welcome to the JCC Barracuda Novice Swim Team!

The Barracuda swim team is a year-round swimming program for ages 6-12. This swim team is for pre-competitive swimmers who want to learn the four competition strokes, dives, turns, and starts. Our coaches work closely with the North Coast Aquatics coaches to provide a seamless transition to North Coast's age-group Club Team programs as appropriate.

The JCC Barracuda Novice Swim Team bases instruction on games, drills, and lap swimming to build knowledge and stamina for strong swimmers. Swimmers will learn the fundamental swimming skills of rhythm, breath control, and fluid movement in the water.

All swimmers must be evaluated and will be placed in groups depending on age and time preference. Evaluations must be scheduled in advance and are on Monday, Wednesday, Friday at 3:00, 3:15, or 3:30 pm.

Please call at least one day prior to reserve your child's evaluation space. To make an appointment or for more swim team info, call 858.362.1126.

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Group 1: 10 & Under

2-Day Practice Commitment Options
Monday, Wednesday 3:45 - 4:30 pm
Tuesday, Thursday 3:45 - 4:30 pm

3-Day Practice Commitment Options
Monday, Wednesday 3:45-4:30, Friday 3:30-4:15
Tuesday, Thursday 3:45-4:30, Friday 3:30-4:15

Group 2: 10 & Under

2-Day Practice Commitment Options
Monday & Wednesday 4:30-5:15
Tuesday & Thursday 4:30-5:15

3-Day Practice Commitment Options
Monday, Wednesday 4:30-5:15, Friday 3:30-4:15
Tuesday & Thursday 4:30-5:15, Friday 3:30- 4:15

Group 3: 11-12 yrs

2-Day Practice Commitment Options
Monday & Wednesday 5:15-6:00
Tuesday & Thursday 5:15-6:00

3- Day Practice Commitment Options
Monday & Wednesday 5:15-6:00, Friday 4:15-5:00
Tuesday & Thursday 5:15-6:00, Friday 4:15-5:00

*All fees are due at the beginning of the quarterly session

Practice Schedule

Swim Practices are Monday through Friday on a year-round basis. Each swimmer swims 45 minutes a day, two to three days a week.

Additional Opportunities & Summer League

Swimmers can participate in monthly mini-meets, which are a great way to practice competing and measuring swim times. Swimmers also have an opportunity to attend monthly "stroke clinics" where coaches work on swimmers' individual stroke skills to improve their ability. There are also seasonal events that swimmers can participate in.

Expectations and Rules

We ask that all swimmers come to practice ready to learn and have fun. We expect all swimmers to pay attention to directions, ask questions if they are confused, and to give their best. Talking back or disrespecting the coach, staff, or other swimmers will not be tolerated.

We ask that parents set a good example for the swimmers during practice by not interfering with instruction, speaking negatively to their own swimmer or about other swimmers. We also expect parents to allow the coach to train their swimmer without interruption during practice. If there are any questions or concerns please speak with the Coach or Aquatic Director.

• Swim caps MUST be worn if swimmer's hair falls below ears.
• Respect your swim coach. Actively listening by staying close to the wall, keeping your head above the water, and looking at the swim coach when they are giving directions. This also includes engaging in side conversations and speaking out of turn.
• Respect your teammates. Keeping our hands to ourselves, no splashing, giving space to finish swimming into the wall, and not disturbing fellow teammates while they are listening to directions.
• Respect yourself. Doing your best during each practice, setting goals to achieve, and not cheating one's self.
• NO horseplay. This also includes handstands, flips, splashing, or pushing. This is not tolerated during practice.
• Stay off the lane lines. No sitting or laying on the lane lines - these are not toys and can be harmful if broken.
• Be ready to learn. Come to practice ready to swim, learn, and have fun! Practice is fun but it's not play time.
• Swimmers must have parent supervision while using the JCC Jacuzzi and locker rooms. Please be respectful to other JCC members at all times.

Moving to the Next Step

Swimmers who are interested in moving to a competitive swim team will be assessed by their swim coach to see what level fits their skills best. They will then be evaluated by the competitive swim team coach if spaces are available.

North Coast Aquatics is a great swim team that our Barracudas can join as a competitive team option. For more information about North Coast Aquatics please visit

Frequently Asked Questions

When can I sign up for the swim team?
You can sign up at any time for the JCC Barracudas at the Aquatics Office.

How do I register for the team?
There is a registration form in the aquatics office or on the JCC Aquatics website that you will need to fill out and turn in to the Aquatic Director and/or Asst. Aquatic director, or to the coach.

What is the evaluation for? What does it consist of?
The evaluation is strictly for the coach to see how well the swimmer understands and demonstrates the four competitive strokes. Even if your child has completed swim lessons this evaluation still needs to be completed so we may place your child in the correct swim level. Each evaluation will include 2 laps of freestyle, 1 lap of backstroke, 1 lap of breaststroke, and 1 lap of butterfly. We may recommend swim lessons if a child is completely unfamiliar with the strokes or is too young to participate. The evaluation takes approx. 10 mins. to complete depending on a swimmer’s level. Evaluation times are M-W-F from 3:00-3:30 pm or by appointment only.

Can I be on the team without being a member of the community center?
Yes. The monthly fee will be higher for a non-member but you do not have to become one in order to participate.

Can I be on the team if I cannot make every practice?
Yes. We understand that kids and parents have other commitments, but we would like the kids to be at practice as much as possible.

Should I come to practice if it’s raining or cold?
Yes. We will shut the pool down if the weather becomes unsafe for the kids to swim (lightning, heavy rain etc.) but unless notified we will still hold practice.

Is the pool heated?
Yes. The pool is heated to 81 degrees, though may feel warmer or cooler, depending on the weather condition of that day.

When are fees due?
All team dues are due at the beginning of the month. We appreciate payment by the second Friday of the month for swimmers to participate.

What equipment should I bring for my child?
Your child should be in proper swim attire (swimsuit, please no street clothes), a cap if your child has hair long enough to be placed into a ponytail, goggles, towel, though we provide fins for the children, if your child would like their own pair you may bring them. We do have Barracuda Novice swim team swim caps to purchase for $3. Please see the Aquatics Office.

If I cannot make it to practice is there a make up time?
No. Special arrangements may be made, but you must speak with the coach or the Aquatic Director and/or Asst. Aquatic Direction in the Aquatics Office.

Where am I allowed to park?
You may use either the front lot off of Executive Dr. in the front of the JCC or the back lot on Eastgate Mall behind the police dept. You may also park along the street, but please be aware of any sign postings.

If I want my child to stay in practice longer can I have them swim with the next group?
No. We ask that all swimmers swim during their level's appropriate time.

For more information or to schedule an evaluation appointment please contact Andrea Cosio, the Aquatics Director at 858.362.1126 or email: