JCC Masters Swimming Program (Ages 18+)

Masters Swimming Program

[Ongoing Schedule]

Mondays - Fridays
6:00 a.m. - 7:30 a.m. and 12:00 p.m. - 1:30 p.m.

9:00 a.m. - 10:30 a.m.

Introducing new evening classes beginning Thursday, January 18, 2018
Tuesday & Thursday • 7:00–8:00 p.m.

For those interested in improving their stroke technique, endurance training, and overall fitness, a structured workout with a group is vital. This adult swim program includes in-depth stroke analysis and personal coaching. These workouts will challenge your mind and body. All levels of swimmers are welcome. You must be 18 years of age or older.


Masters Coaches

Will Hansen 

Will Hansen

Coach Will Hansen, a Presidential Fitness Award recipient, has in depth experience in overall training with a keen ability to communicate and coach in an effective, easy, and fun manner to help anyone reach their goals regardless of athletic swimming background or age.

Alana Michels

Alana Michels

Alana is a USA Swimming certified coach and has coached for multiple swim teams. She holds a Master’s of Science in Kinesiology and is a nationally certified Personal Trainer. Alana began swimming as a child and her love for the sport quickly grew into a passion. This passion inspired her to pursue lifeguarding and teaching swim lessons to begin her career, simultaneously driving her to pursue health and fitness in her education. Coaching swimming enables her to combine her expertise in Kinesiology, competitive swimming background, and love of inspiring the next generation of swimmers. Emphasizing safety, stroke technique, and dry-land workouts, Alana understands that fast swimmers are strong, have a correct stroke technique, and enjoy swimming. As a result, emphasis is placed on stroke technique before speed. Dry-land workouts are an integral part of building strong and injury free swimmers from the start. In all aspects, Alana leads by example in her own life; she doesn't ask her swimmers to do something that she would not or can not do.
Alana focuses on overall fitness with both her coaching and her personal life. She sets the expectation that each swimmer will take responsibility to do their best and put in hard work at each practice. She lives and coaches by the philosophy that “There is no losing - you either win or you learn”, thereby turning potentially negative outcomes into positive experiences. One of her favorite aspects of coaching is seeing the light in a swimmer’s eyes when they master a new concept. Her enthusiasm for the sport is contagious and she loves to help others succeed in achieving their dreams.

Megan Steinberg 

Megan Steinberg

Megan started pursuing swimming in High School and continued through college. She started her freshman year with little to no experience competitively swimming. She joined a club team which helped her to swim in college. She made the All American team for Southern California representing her college and then decided instead of continuing her swimming she'd rather coach. She taught swim lessons when she was younger, but coaching was really where her passion was. Her first coaching experience was in the Navy helping enlisted service members learn how to pass higher swimming tests and qualify for specialized operations positions. Then she started coaching for Grossmont High School/Point Loma High and then eventually moved up to coaching at Grossmont College. Now she is excited to be working at JCC and returning back to her roots of youth team swimming.

Grace Thrasher


Grace has experience coaching children at an early stage in their competitive swimming career. She also has a background in lifeguarding and water safety instruction. Grace began swimming at a young age and has not looked back since. She competed for both club and high school teams, specializing in distance freestyle and backstroke. She loves being able to spread her passion for the sport through coaching. Swimming is not just a sport, but a lifestyle, so Grace loves to encourage hard work in and out of the pool. She believes that every practice not only teaches kids good swim technique but fosters lifelong skills such as good time management, nutrition, open-mindedness, and the ability to work as a team. In her personal life, Grace loves spending time with friends, family, and her dog. She also tries to get in the pool as much as possible!


Please stop at the gym desk to pay your drop-in fee before swimming.
For more information please contact Mary Cotner, the Interim Aquatics Director at 858-362-1178, maryc@lfjcc.org