JCC Teen Activities

Grades 9 - 12

register for jserve 2015 on March 15th 12-5pm 


Join the JCC teens as we head outside and enjoy all the fun that Southern California has to offer! These programs provide opportunities for teens to maintain a healthy and active lifestyle!


Social Events

Meet other Jewish teens at these fun and safe social events. Dance the night away at our CLUB J or rock out with our first Battle of the Bands. Every social event sponsored by the Lawrence Family JCC Teen Department is sure to be a good time!



February 20, 2015   5-10pm

(housing arrangements will be available for those who are shomer shabbos) Shabbat360 is the largest teen-run Shabbat program in San Diego. Teens from all over San Diego will join together for a festive Shabbat dinner party with their 360 closest friends. Fun programming will continue throughout the evening. Shabbat360 is planned by a large committee of dedicated teens who are involved in every aspect of the event from publicity, registration, and decorations to entertainment and fundraising. 

Price: $18

register TODAY at www.lfjcc.org/shabbat360



The premier nightclub for San Diego teens. With over 250 party-goers per dance,you can come dance the night away in our very own theater-turned-nightclub, including a professional DJ playing the hottest club music and an amazing atmosphere to party with all your friends.

Club J Code of Conduct:
• I am currently a high school student.
• I understand there is a ZERO TOLERANCE POLICY regarding drugs, alcohol, tobacco, and weapons and that I am be breathalyzed when attending Club J.
• If I am suspected of using or possessing drugs, alcohol, tobacco, or weapons, my parents will be notified and I will be referred to the proper authorities.
• I understand that unacceptable behavior, including but not limited to: inappropriate language, dancing, touching, displays of affection, or clothing, as determined by JCC staff, will not be tolerated.
• I understand that there is no re-entry allowed to Club J without prior approval of JCC Staff.



Registration Form (www.lfjcc.org/clubj)



Teen Dodgeball Tournament


May 2 , 2015 7pm-10pm

Battle it out with other teens from all the different teen organizations throughout San Diego in our EXTREME dodgeball tournament. Meet new friends and get plenty of play time in this rachmanus-centered competition. Fee includes snacks and refreshments. 

Cost: $10, JCC Member Price; $7

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