Enrichment Classes


Art, Cooking, & Creativity

Art & Ceramics Creative Expressions

(Grades K-6)
Thursdays • 4:00–5:30 P.M.
Create incredible, imaginative projects with a variety
of materials such as paint and clay. Instructor
Avril Butbul stimulates creativity through a multitude
of materials and specially planned projects.
Additional material fee $25.
Fall Session I: September 11–October 16 (6 wks)
Fall Session II: October 23–November 20 (5 wks)
Price: $230; JCC Member Price: $192 (6 wks)
Price: $192; JCC Member Price: $160 (5 wks)

Chess Club

(Grades K-8)
Wednesdays • 2:00–3:00 P.M. (6 weeks)
Join us for Chess Club at the JCC! Whether you’re
a beginner or an expert, you are welcome to come.
A chess coach will be present for those just starting
out! So don't be shy! Sign-up!
Fall Session I: September 10–October 15
Fall Session II: October 22–November 24
Price: $104; JCC Member Price: $87


(Grades K-1)

Fridays  4:00-5:00 P.M. (5 and 6 weeks)
Brasil San Diego brings us their Capoeira
Kids Program, a combination Martial Arts and sports
program for children. This program will help the
children improve their hand/eye coordination,
flexibility, strength, balance and gross motor skills
through development Martial Arts activities such
as learning to kick, tumble, sing (in Portuguese),
play instruments, dance and more. The children will
also gain life skills such as self-discipline, selfconfidence
and listening skills. We are very excited to
bring this unique program to our youth department.
Fall Session I: September 12-October 17 (6 wks)
Fall Session II: October 24-November 21 (5 wks)
Price: $121; JCC Member Price: $100 (5 wks)
Price: $145; JCC Member Price: $120 (6 wks) 

Thoughtstem Computer Programming Game Design and Development

(Grades 3-6)
Tuesdays • 4:00–5:30 P.M. (5 and 6 weeks)
In this course, students will experience what it is
like to design and build a variety of video games.
Students begin with a simple single-screen video
game and through our entire program build up to
building side-scrolling games, multi-player games
and multi-level games. Students will not only build
the games using computer programming, but will
also experience an authentic design process where
they will get to learn what real video game
developers do outside of just the programming.


Music Lessons

Private Guitar Lessons

Eight half-hour lessons once a week for eight weeks.
Ongoing; call for available days and times: 858.362.1132

All skill levels, all styles from classical to rock. Lessons include music fundamentals and reading. Instructor Jonathan Davis earned his Master's degree in Classical Guitar Performance from the University of Akron. Davis has experience performing classical music in a variety of sessions, including solo, chamber, and as a member of an orchestra.

Price: $255; JCC Member Price: $212

Private Piano Lessons

Grades K-6
Eight half-hour lessons once a week for eight weeks. Classes held Mondays, Thursdays, and Fridays.
Ongoing; call for available days and times: 858.362.1132

Ms. Belokamen was on the faculty of the Music School for Children in Odessa, where she specialized in classical piano for children ages 6–16, preparing them for competitions, recitals, and music college entrance.

Price: $255; JCC Member Price: $212

Private Violin Lessons

Ages 4 & Up
Eight half-hour lessons once a week for eight weeks.
Ongoing; call for available days and times: 858.362.1132

Instructor Amy Darnell is a graduate of the University of South Carolina, where she studied violin performance and business administration. Mrs. Darnell has been teaching violin for 7 years, and focuses on ear-training in the early years of learning. Amy has been a member in numerous orchestras in South Carolina and California, and also has soloist and chamber music experience. Amy is currently a member of the La Jolla Symphony and strives to help children of all ages reach their musicianship goals.

Price: $255; JCC Member Price: $212


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