January 25th 2024 - Tu B’Shevat (get a complimentary B'shvat-themed kehillah kit)

We are excited to offer our community the chance to feel the roots and reach of Israel with our Tu B'shvat-themed kehillah (community) kit. This kit gives you the resources and supplies to experience or host your very own Tu B'shvat seder. Each element of the kit was selected to honor the New Year for Trees and encourage reflection on environmental consciousness, ecological responsibility, and the impact of Israel's agricultural innovations on the world.

Sign up today, as kits are limited.


March 21st, 2024 - Purim 

We are thrilled to be your one-stop shop for all things Shabbat and Purim! 

Challah, Candles, Groggers, Hamantaschen, Oh My! The celebrations of Purim often include Purim Schpiels which are plays which retell the story, lots of dressing up, eating hamentashen, and emphasizing the importance of unity and friendship by sending gifts of food to friends known as Mishloach Manot. Our vendors will have all you need to create your special Mishloach Manot for you and yours!


May 23rd 2024 - Lag B’Omer 

The omer is the 49-day period that starts on the second night of Passover, 

when the Israelites left Egypt, and ends with Shavuot, when we received the Torah. The tradition is to “count the omer,” meaning to count the days in anticipation of receiving the Torah. Counting the omer is a somber time. During the Omer counting period, Jewish people are instructed to stay away from big celebrations. One cannot get married, go to a concert, or even get a haircut during that time frame! However, on the 33rd day of counting the omer, there is a break called Lag BaOmer. On Lag BaOmer, you can take a break from being sad and get married or do something fun, hence the perfect break for a Shabbat Market!