Holiday Camps

Spring Camp Extravaganza 2018

Join us for Spring Break Extravaganza! Camp will be filled with adventure and fun in a supportive, enriching enviornment. All camps include an exciting variety of recreational activites: arts & crafts, special projects, active and quiet games, sports and swimming (weather permitting).

ICKY STICKY (Grades K-2)
Is your child the one that can't stay clean? Do they love nothing more than playing in the slimiest, gooiest, ickiest and stickiest stuff they can get their hands on? Introducing Sticky Camp: perfect for a young child who just loves all that is slimy yet satisfying.

Does your child look on as people prepare food and seem curious about it? If so, this camp is a great start to encouraging your child's indepence and self-confidence in the kitchen. Itty Bitty Chefs will learn how to make a variety of treats that are as delicious as they are to make!

TENNIS CAMP (Grades 3-7)
Ken Heidman, JCC teaching pro, will lead this tennis-training program, assisted by a staff experienced in working with younger players. Tennis Camp is approriate for campers of all skill levels who wish to improve their game. Each morning will focus on the fundamental areas covering: ground strokes, serves, volleys, match play, fitness and footwork. The afternoon will include swimming and other activities.

FARM TO TABLE (Grades 3-7)
A cooking camp that is guarenteed vegetarian and organic! We will be working with fresh, wholesome ingredients to make food that is tasty, healthy, and has a minimal impact on our enviornment. In addition, campers can start growng a plant of their own, and learn cool tricks such as composting to keep soil healthy, because as with our own diets, what you feed your plants matters!

9:00am - 3:30pm
Price: $355; JCC Member Price: $296




Melissa Overland-McKay, (858) 362-1117
Sandy Siperstein Rafner, (858) 362-1112


Nicole Bennett, (858) 362-1132