ATID- Where being Jewish is fun!

ATID (Hebrew) is pronounced as "AH-TEED" and it means “future” in English.

What: ATID is an exciting program designed exclusively for Jewish school-age children enrolled in kindergarten to 5th grade, offering a journey of Jewish connection, creativity, fun and community building during the school year in a camp-like setting.

Children enroll for the entire series to gain the full benefits of the program. Children enjoy a variety of activities and experiences that foster friendships and a sense of community. By spanning several months, the program provides ample time for children to build meaningful relationships, explore their heritage, and have fun in a supportive environment.

During three hour gathering on Saturday afternoon moving from Shabbat into Havdalah, children under the guidance of experienced youth group leaders will explore Jewish values and their meaning, make new friends and participate in engaging Jewish-focused activities of music, conversation, food, play and art.

Where: Lawrence Family Jewish Community Center, JACOBS FAMILY CAMPUS
4126 Executive Drive La Jolla, California 92037

Saturdays, 4:30-7:30 pm.
Date Theme
14-Sep Welcome/Havdalah
28-Sep Rosh Hashana
19-Oct Sukkot
2-Nov L'dor V'dor (Linking Generations) Grandparents
16-Nov Shabbat
7-Dec Ahavat Limud (Love of Learning)
21-Dec Hannukkah
11-Jan Hiddur Mitzvah (Enhancing Humanity)
25-Jan Shmirat HaGuf (Guarding the Body) Sports
8-Feb Tu B'shvat
22-Feb Family
8-Mar Purim
29-Mar Hachnasat Orchim (Welcoming Guests)
12-Apr Passover
26-Apr Israel
10-May Lag B'Omer

Who: The program is limited to 40 school-age children being raised Jewish in kindergarten through fifth grade (not UTK). Ratio: 1 youth leader to 8-10 children and two supervisors.


  • Foster a sense of Jewish identity and love for Israel.
  • Connect with fellow young community members.
  • Explore the values and ideas of Judaism through interactive activities.


  • Games, Play & Conversation: Engage in laughter, guided conversations, and camaraderie with fun indoor and outdoor games that reinforce Jewish values.
  • Art Exploration: Let imaginations soar with engaging art activities reflecting Jewish culture and values.
  • Dinner: Enjoy a seasonally themed dinner, with opportunities for children to participate in food prep and service. Menu will be shared upon registration
  • Music: Experience the joy of Jewish music with interactive sessions celebrating the beauty of heritage.
  • Children will be given a branded ATID shirt
  • Havdalah: Each session will conclude with the warmth of Havdalah, bidding farewell to Shabbat and each other.

Typical Schedule:
4:30 pm- Welcome & Icebreaker Activities
5:00 pm- Interactive Workshop or Educational Activity (PEULA)
6:00 pm- Dinner and Discussion
7:00 pm- Musical Havdalah Ceremony, Closing Remarks & Goodbyes
7:30 pm- Program Ends

ATID-Where being Jewish is fun

Price: $960 | JCC Member $800

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