Saturday, October 23 (on-site & outdoors) | Sunday, October 24 (virtual)

Tapestry brings together hundreds of people from diverse ages and backgrounds, learning styles, and interests for a weekend of learning, and inspiration. This year Tapestry will have both an on-site and virtual program, welcoming a wonderful selection of speakers from our own San Diego community and beyond.

On-site | Saturday, 10/23 - Price: $18 | JCC Members: $15

Virtual | Sunday, 10/24 - Price: $18 | JCC Members: $15

Combined on-site and virtual programs - Price: $30 | JCC Members: $24

If you are attending the in-person program on Saturday, October 23, you will be sent a link after registering, which will allow you to select your sessions. If you are attending the virtual program, you will be sent a link from Sched, our Tapestry 2021 scheduling platform, where you will choose your sessions schedule. If you are attending both Saturday and Sunday programs, both links will be sent to you. Please allow up to 24 hours after registering for these links to appear in your inbox.

All classes will be filled on a first-come basis. Tapestry staff reserves the right to close or cancel a class depending on attendance. For more information, please contact Lauren Luedtke.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: To gain admittance to the Saturday, 10/23 in-person Tapestry program, attendees are required to present a photo ID and proof that they are fully vaccinated against COVID-19. As an additional safety measure, masks are required for all patrons (over the age of two) while indoors at the JCC. For more information please visit lfjcc.org/safety or contact Guest Services at (858) 457-3030 | guestservices@lfjcc.org.

On-site Program (OUTDOORS with HEATERS)

6:30 P.M. ………………………………..Check-in & Dessert Reception
7:25 P.M. ………………………………..Havdalah
7:50—8:40 P.M. ………………………Session #1 Select one class to attend
8:50—9:40 P.M. ………………………Session #2 Select one class to attend


1A. Educating on the Holocaust with Performing Arts: The Past and the Future Actions of We Are The Tree Of Life | Jacqueline Semha Gmach
Jacqueline Gmach, founder of We Are The Tree Of Life, will share how this organization came to be and what they strive to accomplish in the community.

1B. Notes from the Narrow Place | Rabbi Phil Graubart
For the past year and a half, we've all become acquainted with confinement. Our physical spaces shrank, along with our choices and activities. But, in fact, confinement is an essential element of the human condition. In this session, we'll discuss how to find freedom, transcendence and spiritual comfort within our Narrow Places.

1C. Modern Islamist Anti-Semitism | Meir Litvak
The lecture will analyze the unique features of the anti-Semitism propagated by modern Islamist movements, mainly its wide dissemination and extremist edges advocating genocide. It will show the fusion between traditional Islamic attitudes towards Jews and modern themes borrowed from modern European anti-Semitism. It will conclude by discussing the effect of recent developments in the region on the reception of these ideas. Dr. Meir Litvak (Tel Aviv University) is an MGSDII Visiting Professor, teaching Middle East history at San Diego State University.

1D. From Joseph to Freud: The Meaning of Dreams in Ancient and Modern Times | Dr. Oded Shezifi - CLASS FULL
The mystery of dreams has occupied humans' thoughts for thousands of years. In this session, we will review famous biblical dreams and their interpretations. We will see how in ancient times dreams shaped the decisions of pharaohs whereas in modern times their meaning is often reduced to random neural activity in the brain. Do we really know today more about dreams than what Joseph knew back in Egypt?


2A. The Past, Present and (perhaps) Future of the Israeli Government and the Implications for Domestic and Foreign Policy | Martin Bunzl
Martin Bunzl - Professor of Philosophy Emeritus, Rutgers University - has followed Israeli electoral trends for the last 35 years. Join Martin in a discussion of the past, present, and (perhaps) future of the Israeli governments and the implications for domestic and foreign policy.

2B. The Z Word: Understanding Zionism and Reclaiming the Narrative of Jewish Self-Determination | Monica Edelman 
We’ve all heard the terms “Zionist” and “Zionism” before. Perhaps you’ve heard them used as insults on social media or as derogatory labels in university lectures. The “Z word”, despite simply referring to the concept of Jewish self-determination, has been loaded with negative connotations over the years to the point where Jews themselves, particularly in the US, don’t feel comfortable with the word “Zionist” or even “Israel”. This seminar will provide an overview of the Zionist movement and will discuss ways in which Jews and allies can reclaim the true meaning of Zionism.

2C. Understanding and Challenging Antisemitism Today | Tammy Gillies - CANCELLED
We are at a challenging time for the Jewish community. Antisemitism is at record highs and is coming from all sides of the political spectrum. This session will provide an overview of current antisemitism and what actions we can take to address it.

2D. Bertha Pappenheim, the Patient of Freud, Orthodox Feminist and the Campaign Against Jewish Prostitution | Deborah Hertz
In this talk, I bring to life a daring and complex Jewish leader from early twentieth-century Germany. Pappenheim inhabited many worlds at once, as a well-to-do troubled daughter, single woman leader of Jewish feminists, observant Jew, German nationalist, and gadfly to the rabbis and leaders who looked the other way as Jewish pimps deceived poor families by recruiting their daughters to become prostitutes abroad.

2E. A Personal Guide: Weaving the Fabric of Multi-Faith Partnerships and How You Can Be Part! | Rabbi Jason Nevarez - CANCELLED
At a time of increased antisemitism and divisive rhetoric, it's critically important to build bridges across the faith lines. Join Rabbi Nevarez as he illustrates successful models of multi-faith partnerships, and shares tangible ways for each of us to join in bridging the divides in San Diego and beyond.

Virtual program

9:30 A.M. …………………………………….Community welcome
10:10—11:00 A.M. …………………………..Session #1 Select one class to attend
11:10 A.M.—12:00 P.M. ……………………...Session #2 Select one class to attend
12:10 P.M…………...………………………...Keynote Speaker


1A. Acting & Prayer | Todd Salovey
Award-winning theatre director and UCSD instructor Todd Salovey, who has taught acting and directing for more than thirty years leads an interactive workshop in which acting techniques are the basis for more soulful, meaningful, and purposeful prayer.

1B. 7 Richard Rodgers Numbers in ¾ Time | Charles Troy
Richard Rodgers wrote a number of waltzes during his career. We’ll look at that career through the prism of seven of his most memorable waltzes. Our tale will also focus on his two longtime lyric collaborators, Larry Hart and Oscar Hammerstein.

1C. Moses and the Exodus- Inspiration for America | Bill Wallen
Beyond "Freedom from", we will consider "Freedom for"- the responsibilities that came with liberation. We will examine how these freedoms inspired the Pilgrims in their journey to the New World, the Founding Fathers in the creation of a new nation, American slaves during the Civil War, and those fighting for civil and voting rights in the 1960s.

1D. Russia's Jewish Folk Music Society | Eileen Wingard
In this presentation, Eileen will present a historical overview of the society and the influence of its composers on Jewish music in Russia, Israel, and the United States. There will be both live and recorded musical examples.

1E. Hate and the Jewish Question | Yael Weinstein - CANCELLED
The “Jewish Question” of what to do with the Jews permeated the discourse in the halls of European universities, businesses, and governments from the 17th century. This question ultimately led to what the Nazis dubbed the “Final Solution”. In this session, discover how Zionism, Communism, and anti-Zionism have also been used to “answer” this interminable issue that has plagued the Jewish people until today.


2A. Why Be Jewish? | Rabbi Yoram Dahan
Many of us question the “Purpose of Jewish life”, why me? Who is God and where is He? What does it really mean to be Jewish? Join us to explore the Divine secrets over Torah and Judaism.

2B. Finding Universal Spirit in Theatre | David Ellenstein
David describes what brought him to theatre and how it has sustained him as an artist, a husband, a father, and a human being. A professional actor, director, and artistic director for 45 years has created experiences of humor, drama, and profound meaning. As a cultural Jew, David describes how the theatre world has educated and enlightened him about what it is to be Jewish.

2C. Dayenu: A Jewish Call to Climate Action | Rabbi Shoshana Friedman - NEW SESSION!
Come learn about the powerful new organization Dayenu: A Jewish Call to Climate Action! We will delve into Dayenu's perspective on the climate crisis, and use some Torah study to move through despair to active hope. Learn about an exciting, effective way you can push for systemic climate action with your Jewish friends and community.

2D. Who Owns the Western Wall | Yochi Rappeport
In this session, Women of the Wall’s Executive Director Yochi Rappeport will discuss the 33 years of struggle the organization has battled while also touching on their significant achievements, goals for the future, and current events.

2E. Kabbalah and the Tree of Life | Gahl Sasson
This in-depth workshop will acquaint you with the ancient spiritual technology of Kabbalah and teach you how to apply it in your everyday life. Connect to the ten archetypes of the Tree of Life and foster spiritual, emotional, and material growth using comparative mysticism, guided meditations, and astrology. Now it is your turn to create miracles.

Keynote Speaker - David Kaufman
Jewish History and Jewish Memory: a Modern Midrash on Yerushalmi's Zakhor
In 1982, Columbia University professor Yosef Hayim Yerushalmi published a short volume that instantly became a modern classic of Jewish historiography, titled: ZAKHOR: Jewish History and Jewish Memory. The dichotomy he drew between Jewish 'history'--the modern academic study of Jewish history, and 'memory'--the popular conception of the Jewish past, has since become an essential paradigm of modern Jewish studies. In his keynote lecture, David Kaufman will apply Yerushalmi's observations on Jewish historical consciousness to an overview of Jewish history and its major themes: Jewish peoplehood, religious text, and rabbinic tradition, diasporic migration, anti-Jewish ideologies, ethnic diversity, modern Jewish enlightenment, etc.

Shabbat San Diego, October 21-24

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