Pool & Spa Details 

Friedenberg Olympic Pool

Temp: 80-84° Fahrenheit. The pool may fluctuate throughout the day, but we aim to keep the pool as close to 81 degrees as possible. 

Reasons for fluctuation: 

  • Cold weather overnight 
  • Strong winds 
  • Rain
  • Overcast
  • Consecutive hot sunny days 

Chlorine is utilized as a sanitizing medium. 

When the pool is configured in a short course we have ten 25-yard lanes. We also have nine 35-yard lanes located in the shallow and deep end. 

Shallow End 2’6”-4’ -- Mid Pool 6’ -- Deep End 12’ 

TOTAL VOLUME 670,685GAL SQ/FT 15,438 

Max load 771.9 swimmers



Temp: 102-104°Fahrenheit year round
14 people max 
No one under 13 allowed 

Wading pool

Temp in summertime 86-88° Fahrenheit  | Winter 68° Fahrenheit 

32pp max 
0-5 years old