Vision Statement

Our vision statements express our intentions and desired future for children, families and educators. The work of the Nierman Preschool fulfills the mission of the Lawrence Family JCC, which is to connect with Jewish heritage, identity, experiences and values to ensure the continuity and vibrancy of the Jewish community. We invite you to partner with us on this journey to embody and achieve our vision, described below. 


  • We believe children are curious, capable, and creative risk takers (D’rash) who want to explore their environment to make sense of their world (Hit’orerut). 
  • We believe that preparing children to become engaged, contributing and open-minded members of society begins by seeing children now as future makers, leaders and innovators. 
  • We believe children are unique and natural learners who are able to drive their own learning. 
  • We believe children’s self-directed learning helps their social-emotional, physical and intellectual growth, each along their own timeline (Tzelem Elohim). 


  • We believe in fostering a strong connection (B’rit) between home, school and community where families are engaged and empowered as pillars of their child’s educational journey (Masa). 
  • We believe that consistent and transparent communication between families and educators is the cornerstone (K’dushah) to creating a trusting and respectful educational environment. 
  • We believe that families, in collaboration with educators, create a supportive community wherein the enriching ideals and practices of Jewish life thrive (Tikkun Olam). 


  • We believe in educators who are friendly, passionate and professional. 
  • We believe in a warm, nurturing, healthy and inclusive environment for every learner who walks through our doors. 
  • We believe educators deserve competitive pay and benefits. 
  • We believe our educators can create respectful and individualized educational experiences for their students. 
  • We believe educators need multiple opportunities for professional development in cutting- edge Early Childhood Education, to facilitate their own lifelong learning (D’rash). 


  • We believe in providing a warm, sensory enriched, aesthetically inspiring and safe environment. 
  • We believe our preschool is the beginning of a lifelong connection to the JCC and serves as an asset to the broader San Diego community. 
  • We believe the environment serves as a welcoming home for families with young children as they begin their Jewish and educational journeys (Masa). 
  • We believe partnerships within our organization (including Performing Arts, Senior Programming, Sports and Fitness) as well as collaborations with local organizations beyond the walls of our JCC, inform the work of our preschool.