We think we are the best preschool in the country, but please don't just take our word for it. Below are recent testimonials from a sampling of our preschool parents.

JCC Nierman Preschool has been an amazing second home for both of my boys. It is a nurturing environment with incredible staff and teachers that have become family. It is fun. My kids have always looked forward to going, and the enrichments that they offer are world class and you would not find them in any preschool. It is truly a special place that works to customize the preschool experience for your kids and their needs. And best of all, they come out of the preschool prepared for higher education, kindergarten and so on. So I could not recommend JCC Nierman anymore.

- Estela Mitrani


I love that my sons are learning values, kindness, and all about giving back at Nierman Preschool. I recently had a bag of clothing that I was planning on getting rid of, and on his own, my son suggested that we give them to someone in need, that we give them as Tzedakah. It was a proud moment, and I knew that this stemmed from the morals he's taught at Nierman. 

-Wendy Aguilar


As a second time parent at Nierman, I can honestly say this is truly my family's happy place. There is not one single thing that differentiates this place, but rather its many unique pieces that make its whole so special. The warm and loving staff have been my children's champions - always making them feel understood, loved, encouraged and most importantly, successful. The creative and stimulating learning environment has promoted a love of learning, curiosity and discovery in them that is invaluable for their future.  The sizable playground and all its amenities have actually been very important for both of my active children. The variety of daily enriched programming from PE, Music, and Spanish to the unique Geography and Hebrew lessons has been very impactful and a core joy. The range of after school enrichments from STEAM to Hip Hop have been significant for their own self-discovery, including some that helped advance their fine motor skills and reading readiness (big bonus!).  One of the most important lessons I see them come away with is around kindness to others and the world which is so beautifully woven into all that they do and teach everyday.  I just love how robust this early learning experience has been for my kids and that year after year, they continue to evolve. They never stop trying to up the ante to provide the most exciting experience possible.  I am so grateful for this crew and the joy they have brought everyday to my kids' preschool experience (past and present).

- Melissa Cherin Davis


It has been a pleasure having my child attend the Nierman preschool. It was sad having her leave as a graduate of 2020, however, we were pleased to know how prepared she was in order to conquer Kindergarten. Emma is currently thriving and loving elementary, all thanks to the amazing professional teachers at the JCC! THANK YOU!!

-Nathalie Tello


Our family loves Nierman Preschool. It is the first school our son has ever attended, and I feel comfortable and confident that he is safe, happy, and having the best time every day. We are so grateful to be part of the JCC community and couldn’t imagine him attending anywhere else. 

-Samantha Barber 


“Nierman Preschool is pure joy. One year after another. From one sibling to another.”

-The Gobran Family


"Life seems to always be in flux, so I am incredibly grateful to have found Nierman Preschool for my daughter. It's been one of the few constants in her life, and it provides her with so much love and learning."

- Deanna Ratnikova



With two young kids at home, we were beyond relieved when JCC preschool resumed quickly and safely last May. We had no reservations sending the girls back to school with all of the precautions being taken. It has allowed my husband and I to maintain (somewhat) regular work schedules, and provided much-needed consistency in the girls' lives.  I honestly cannot imagine how we would have gotten through this past year without the girls being able to attend school! 

- Rebecca Kingsbury