Maccabi Games

JCC Maccabi® 2023 Is Going to Israel and Ft. Lauderdale, Florida!

In summer 2023, 3,000 Jewish teen athletes, ages 12-17 and representing communities from across the globe, will come together to experience the magic of JCC Maccabi, the world’s largest Jewish youth sports event. Among the highlights of this unique, Olympic-style Jewish experience will be: sports competitions, including opening and closing ceremonies; travel; community service; social and cultural events; and opportunities to create Jewish connections, friendships, and memories to last a lifetime!

All athletes must be Jewish, which is defined as follows: One of the athlete’s parents is Jewish and the athlete is being raised Jewish or is a Jew by choice and is being raised Jewish. In the spirit of the Games, if the parent or child does not believe that they are Jewish on a year-round basis, then the child should not participate in JCC Maccabi. In the athlete online registration, there is a declaration that contains the eligibility requirements; both the athlete and his/her parent(s) must sign this declaration


JCC Maccabi Games Israel, July 5-25, 2023 (for Ages 14-17 as of July 5, 2023)

During this three-week immersive experience, more than 1,000 Jewish teens from across North America, Israel, and the globe, representing 50+ delegations will experience the magic of JCC Maccabi in Israel. 

This transformative experience will begin with an 8-day Olympics-style JCC Maccabi Games experience in the Haifa area. JCC Maccabi delegations will then hit the road for an action-packed and fun-filled tour across the country including visits to Israel’s most culturally, religiously, and historically significant sites and opportunities to continue to their JCC Maccabi journey with old and new friends as they explore Israel through the lens of sport. Groups will experience similar itineraries but travel via differing routes throughout these days, reuniting as one large group at various points. ALL delegation itineraries will culminate in an ultimate JCC Maccabi Shabbat and final program days in Jerusalem. 

Sports offerings at the JCC Maccabi Games Israel include:

  • Boys 17U Baseball, Boys 15U & 17U Basketball, Girls 17U Basketball, Coed 15U & 17U Dance, Boys 17U Flag Football, Girls 17U Flag Football, Coed 17U Ice Hockey, Boys 15U & 17U Soccer, Girls 17U Soccer, Boys 15U & 17U Swimming, Girls 15U & 17U Swimming, Boys 15U & 17U Tennis, Girls 15U & 17U Tennis, Girls 17U Volleyball


JCC Maccabi Games and Access Fort Lauderdale, August 6-11, 2023 (For Ages 12-16 as of August 6, 2023)

The 2023 JCC Maccabi Games and Access will be hosted by the David Posnak JCC from August 6-11, 2023. Over 1500 Jewish teens, ages 12-16, from all across the globe will gather in Fort Lauderdale for a week of athletic competition, community service, and social activities.

Sports offerings at the JCC Maccabi Games and Access Fort Lauderdale include:

  • Boys 14U & 16U Baseball, Boys 14u & 16U Basketball, Girls 14U & 16U Basketball, Boys 16U 3v3 Basketball, Coed 14U & 16U Dance, Coed 16U Flag Football, Coed 16U Ice Hockey, Boys 14U & 16U Soccer, Girls 14U & 16U Soccer, Boys 14U & 16U Swimming, Girls 14U & 16U Swimming, Coed 14U & 16U Table Tennis, Boys 14U & 16U Tennis, Girls 14U & 16U Tennis, Girls 16U Volleyball

Cost for the JCC Maccabi Games and Access in Fort Lauderdale is $2100.00 and includes transportation, registration, uniforms, swag, and more.

For more information about the 2023 Games, please email Maccabi Games Local Delegation Head Sebastian Mayer or call 858-362-1328.

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About the JCC Maccabi Experience

Since 1982, the JCC Maccabi Games have been providing Jewish teens, ages 13-16 (by July 31, 2020), with a life-shaping experience based on Jewish values and healthy competition. Teens participate in Olympic-style opening ceremonies, home hospitality, sports competitions against other delegations, a day of Tikkun Olam, as well as celebratory parties each night. Participants get to meet thousands of Jewish teens from all around the world and experience an action-packed week they will never forget! The upcoming 2020 JCC Maccabi Games will be taking place in beautiful, sunny San Diego. Each participant will be joining the San Diego Delegation in this annual celebration of Jewish identity, values, and community.