Pilates is a low impact type of exercise designed to strengthen the body and deliver long lean muscles. It is based on controlled and precise movements. The emphasis is on core strength, mind-body connection, flexibility, and breathing.

Benefits of Pilates

  • Longer, leaner muscles (less bulk, more freedom of movement)
  • Improves postural problems, Increases core strength, stability & peripheral mobility
  • Helps prevent injury
  • Enhances functional fitness, ease of movement
  • Balances strength & flexibility
  • Heightens body awareness
  • No impact, easy on the joints
  • Can be customized to suit everyone from rehab patients to elite athletes
  • Complements other methods of exercise
  • Improves performance in sports (golf, skiing, skating, etc.)
  • Improves balance, coordination & circulation



- Buy 1 session @ $94
- Buy a package of 5 @ $440 ($88 per session)
- Buy a package of 10 @ $800 ($80 per session)

- Buy 1 session for 2 people @ $128  ($64 per person)
- Buy a package of 5 for 2 people @$580  ($290 per person)
- Buy a package of 10 for 2 people @ $1000 ($500 per person) 


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Meet Our Instructor: Kalinka De Lima

Kalinka was introduced to the Method Pilates in 2004 during a presentation in College (Exercise Science) in Brazil. She was impressed by how one single movement (leg circles) could connect the whole body. In 2007 she was able to get her first certification in Mat Pilates, dedicating her time to teach and develop her skills in groups and private classes. Always looking for improvement Kalinka had the opportunity to get the Comprehensive certification in Miami by the PhysicalMind Institute in 2012. In September 2021, she concluded a master Pilates training with the elder Lolita San Miguel - a directly disciple from Joseph Pilates, reconnecting her passion with the Method and the willing to keep evolving as a teacher and a forever Pilates student. She is passionate about movement and some of her personal activities through the years include Capoeira, Karate, Boxing, Running, Crossfit and Olympic Weightlifting. She is a truly believer in the Method Pilates as a fundamental key for self-knowledge and body control. Her favorite Joseph’s quote is: “Change happens through movement and movement heals.”

Please contact Kalinka De Lima with questions or for scheduling and details.