PJ Library Military Virtual Shavuot Storytime

Sunday, May 16, 2021 | 11:00 - 11:30 am

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About Infant Massage

To sign up, please e-mail shalombaby@lfjcc.org

Have uninterrupted time to bond with your baby and learn soothing techniques.

Infant Massage is a natural and soothing way to promote infant health. A certified Infant Massage Instructor will teach parents techniques that will provide benefits for their babies as well as provide a very special bonding period. This is important.

Benefits Include:

• Relief of discomfort for teething, congestion, colic, constipation and emotional stress 
• Enhancement of neurological development
• Development of better sleep habits 
• Muscle tone development
• Strengthening of the immune system

"After the class I respond better to Dani’s nonverbal communication, it has helped with our nighttime routine, and he is going to the bathroom more often. This class helped us to bond even more! I liked best all the wisdom Rachel shared, getting to know more moms, but especially finding reassurance that it is okay to follow my instincts. I was getting mixed messages and everything she taught us resonated more with the kind of parenting I want to pursue. Rachel is such an angel. I feel I’ve known her forever. Her energy is amazing. Thanks for sharing all you know with us. My only recommendation would be for the class to be longer. I’m sad it is over. Please consider having some other courses/workshops regarding parenting. Thanks Rachel!"