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The Gotthelf Art Gallery is part of the San Diego Center for Jewish Culture and is devoted to expanding and enriching cultural life in San Diego by presenting the finest in Jewish artistic expressions, encouraging the preservation of Jewish culture and heritage, and nurturing new creativity in the arts.

Housed at the Lawrence Family Jewish Community Center, JACOBS FAMILY CAMPUS, this 1,000 square foot space offers the opportunity for the community at large to explore the richness and diversity of Jewish culture through exhibits that feature contemporary artists and a wide variety of visual media.

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Upcoming Show

Jerusalem: Art & Mystery
by Viviana Tagar
September 23, 2021–November 18, 2021

About the exhibit:

“Jerusalem: Art and Mystery” is a photographic exhibition which presents the importance of the capital for the people of the three monotheistic religions in an artistic and unique way. The exhibit depicts the daily life of Jerusalem as well as its pluralistic glory. This exhibit has traveled to many countries in South and Central America, including Uruguay, Peru, Chile, Brazil, and Mexico City.


Photographer Bio:

Viviana Tagar is a photographer, sculptor and architectural journalist. Tagar was born in Rome, and has lived in Argentina, Brazil, Uruguay, Switzerland and Israel. Her exposure to many cultures enabled her to penetrate the human personal and social facade, discovering their individual truth and beliefs. No wonder her later path in life led her to master psychology and to combine its insights with her natural creativity as an artist.

Viviana qualified as a psychoanalytical Psychotherapist at Bar-Ilan University, she also studied sculpture at the Avni Institute of Art and Design. She exhibited her sculpture and photography in many collective and solo exhibitions. Viviana's first book of photographs, entitled "Tel Aviv Uno-One". The launching of the book coincided with a series of exhibitions of her work. Following the success of her first book, Viviana created her second book. "Jerusalem Remix", presents a modern vision of Jerusalem through a magical and unique journey that unveils the enchanted scenery of that timeless city.

The mayor of Jerusalem, Nir Barkat, wrote about her book "Viviana Tagar has selected a world of Jerusalem imagery that blurs divisions of time and culture to reveal the city's underlying universality and our common denominator. I know that her images will inspire you to come to experience Jerusalem yourself."

Link to video from Brazil gallery: