JBarracudas Swim Team


JBarracudas Swimming Team aims to create an environment where individuals of all ages and abilities can experience the enjoyment of, and can reach personal excellence in, the sport of swimming. Barracudas' vision is to develop and maintain a program that will produce elite swimmers, who will represent our team in all levels of swimming competitions.

We offer three different groups to best suit your swimmer’s needs.

  • Pre-comp I ($102 /month)

    • Pre-competitive group

    • Ages: 5-8 years old

    • Monday -Thursday 3:30-4.00 pm (Group A)

    • Monday - Thursday 4:00-4.30pm (Group B)

    • Focus: Learning correct breaststroke, butterfly, side breathing for freestyle, freestyle, and backstroke flip turns, refining freestyle and backstroke, becoming familiar with team swimming, listening, and having fun.

    • Must attend 2-3 practices per week


  • Pre-comp II ($118 /month)

    • Pre-competitive group

    • Ages: 7-10 years old

    • Times & days: M-TH 4:30-5:15 pm 

    • Focus: Learning swim legal strokes, all turns, IM order, dives, refining all strokes, increasing endurance, becoming familiar with competitive swimming, having fun, and enjoying swimming.

    • Must attend 2-3 practices per week


  • Barracudas ($136 /month)

    • Competitive group

    • Ages: 8 & up

    • Times & Days: Monday - Thursday 5:15 pm - 6:30 pm (dryland) 5:15 -5:30 pm, 5:30 - 6:30 pm (swimming practice)

    • Focus: Swimming legal strokes, refining starts, turns, and finishes, adding endurance, increasing speed and stamina, and enjoying the team environment.

    • Must attend 2-3 practices per week

Pricing (effective August 1, 2021)


Monthly Rate

Pre Comp IA & 1B


Pre Comp II





Note: Currently our team is at capacity. We do have a waitlist for anyone who is hoping to join in the near future. We do not allow for freezes or pauses on swim dues as we wish to be fair to people wanting to join from the waitlist. Click here to get on our waiting list

LFJCC Membership

LFJCC Family membership* is required for JBarracudas participants. We invite you to learn about the outdoor fitness options at the Qualcomm Sports, Fitness & Aquatics Complex, and COVID-19 safety measures. Fitness is not just physical. Join a community that cares.

Membership Benefits: lfjcc.org/membership

Membership Application: lfjcc.org/join

*JBarracudas Families are required to sign up as a Family I or Family II for the benefits to apply to your children. If your child is age 13 or older, they may sign up individually as a Teen/ Young Adult.


USA Swimming Membership

Regardless of the competitive level, all swimmers must be a member of the national organization called USA Swimming. We recommend Flex membership, which has a $20 annual fee (compare to a $74 regular membership fee) that covers everything you will need. The limitation is that swimmers can only swim in two USA swimming meets and no championship meets. Once your child has swum in two meets and decides to want to continue competing or go to a Championship meet, you can upgrade to the full membership and just pay the difference. Please complete the required registration forms.


New Swimmers Evaluations are required for those who would like to join the swim team. This evaluation will provide the information needed to correctly place your child in the group where they will prosper the most. Schedule now so your children can enjoy the JBarraudas with their friends!  To schedule an evaluation, please email Coach Sergii.



Weather Policy

We practice rain or shine, but we do cancel due to extreme wind or thunderstorms. If there is ever any danger to our swimmers, we will send an email out before practice to inform you of the cancellation. We only cancel when it becomes unsafe conditions to practice in.

There will be no dry-land practice held if it is raining.

Payment Policies

JBarracuda swim team Monthly fee will automatically be billed at the time of signup and will continue to be billed the 1st of every month until notification of cancellation is received. Swimmers who wish to terminate must submit a 30-day written notice prior to the 1st of the month.

When registering for JBarracudas there will be a one-time registration fee of $10.00. Your credit card on file will be automatically charged for the monthly Swim Team Fees. If you have any questions about the process, please contact Spencer Lynch or JCC Guest Services.


Coaching Staff

Our well-qualified staff is dedicated to providing the best possible training for your swimmer. We seek to provide efficient learning and endless enjoyment for all swimmers at all levels.

Head Coach JBarracudas Swim Team
Sergii Kukharskyi

Sergii is a former All-American swimmer and member of the Ukrainian National Swimming Team having earned bronze and silver medals. He is also a UANA Pan America Masters 2018 record holder 100br. Additionally, he is a level 1 ASCA (American swimming coaches association)Instructor as well as being certified in American Red Cross First Aid, CPR & AED, and Water Safety.


Elijah Goldman


Elijah has been working at LFJCC since June of 2018 as an Assistant Barracudas and Masters Swim coach. His background before joining the team is extensive. In high school, he taught swimming as an instructor while swimming himself for Eagle Swim Team in their National Training Group. He also swam competitively in college.

For 5 years Elijah worked in the summer as an ocean rescue lifeguard in Beach Haven, NJ. He also helped to teach junior lifeguards ocean safety and swimming techniques. Through ocean lifeguarding, Elijah has participated in competitions on both the east and west coast. The ocean rescue competitions have many aspects including running, swimming & prone paddling to rowing. The competitions have a lot to offer so cross-training is a must. These experiences have helped Elijah gain a broader perspective on swimming and triathlon sports training which he uses in various ways within coaching.


Grace Thrasher

Grace Thrasher is a lifelong competitive swimmer with a passion for coaching all ages. Prior to coaching at the JCC, she coached the 10 and under group at her club team in Minnesota for two years. During that time she also worked as a certified lifeguard and swim instructor. During her time at the JCC, Grace has provided quality workouts for both masters swimmers and youth swimmers alike. She believes strong technique and a passion for swimming are essential to success in the water at any age. Grace still competes as a backstroke and freestyle swimmer for San Diego Swim Masters. In 2019 she helped her team to a first-place finish at US Masters Nationals. 


Isabel Miralles

Isabel Miralles has been a competitive swimmer for many years focused primarily on 400IM and the 500 freestyle. In addition to swimming, she is a competitive runner and competed in the California State Championships in high school for two years in a row. Currently, she is a sophomore at the University of Arizona. Isabell has also worked at the JCC as a lifeguard for the past two years. Swimming and working with kids have been a lifelong passion.


Alex Becker

Alex Becker started his competitive swimming career in 2006, at the age of 6, and has developed an immense passion for being in the water. Mainly focusing on breaststroke and freestyle, he has competed in various qualifying meets all across the country. Since joining the Barracudas as an Assistant Coach, he is planning to compete again with the Masters' group. Following the completion of junior guards, Alex became a certified lifeguard and continued to get his swim instructor certification in 2018. He has been teaching swim lessons ever since, both privately and at city facilities, for individuals of every age. While working as a swim instructor he has received many commendations for his work, especially with individuals with disabilities. 


For any other inquiries please contact Assistant Sports, Fitness, and Aquatics Director Spencer Lynch at spencerl@lfjcc.org