Birthday Parties

Have your next birthday party at the J!
Hosting a birthday party at the JCC is the perfect way to celebrate your imaginative child ages 5-10! Choose from one of our themes to create your perfect birthday party with fun activities provided and managed by our staff. You provide the food and decorations, then leave the rest to us!

Party Details:
Party Duration: 2 hours
Venue Options: Park/Field or the Wax Family Teen Lounge (depending on availability)
Group Size: 2 staff will be provided per 15 children. If more children are attending, one or more additional staff members may be required, which will result in an extra fee of $25 per staff, per hour.

Choice of Themes: Mermaid, Unicorn, Pirate, Dinosaur, Safari, or Pokémon

Activities (Choice of 1 Craft and 4 Games –OR- 2 Crafts and 2 Games included in package):
Arts & Crafts choices – Make Your Own Slime (additional $15), Make Your Own Bouncy Ball, Dream Catcher (additional $15), Fill Your Own Glass Bottle/Necklace (additional $15), Friendship Bracelet Station, Make Your Own Wand

Field/Active Activities:
Freeze Dance, Star Wars, Scavenger Hunt, Variations of Tag (Freeze tag, Blob tag, Fastest Tagger in the West, Scarecrow Tag, etc.) , Egg and Spoon Races, Blind Man’s Bluff, Wink Assassin, Pin the “Tail” on the “Donkey” (changes based on theme choice)

We require a total headcount no later than 4 days before the day of the event. This is to ensure we have the correct number of staff to accommodate the party size and that we have the correct amount of craft/activity supplies available.

Pricing: $270 | JCC Member Price $215

For additional information or to book a party please contact Diana Stern

JCC Birthday Parties


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