Leadership & Blessings - LAB

Bring a sense of joy, pride, and elevation into your life. 

Early parenthood is incredibly fulfilling and all-consuming. Time moves so quickly while we raise our little ones, and it is very easy for life to follow the rhythm of routine.

How often do we take the time to step back from that routine and consciously create meaning for ourselves? There is so much conversation about the importance of self-care when parenting our children. Exercise, meditation, food, rest. But emotional and soulful self-care – using our universal Jewish values – is important as well. And this is what we hope to offer to you.

LAB wants to provide you with the resources and confidence to help you on your own unique Jewish journey by meeting you where you are. Just as we experiment every day as we guide our children in the little and big tasks of life, let us also bring new life to our days! Try something new, reawaken that part of you that has been sitting on the sidelines watching – NOW is YOUR time.