The LFJCC Astor Judaica Library Jewish Music CD Collection contains 360 vocal and instrumental CDs of Jewish religious and secular music. They are located in six trays on top of the two-shelf bookcase next to the children’s book display case. They are listed alphabetically by performer or title in the following categories.

1.1 Cantors, Rabbis, and Cantorial Soloists
1.2 Blessings, Chants, and Holiday Songs
1.3-5 Religious Vocal Duets, Trios, and Quartets
1.6 Religious Choral Music
1.7 Cantors in Concert and Recordings
1.8 Chassidic Songs and Melodies
2.1 Israeli Vocal Solos
2.2 Israeli Vocal Duets
2.3 Israeli Vocal Trios
2.4 Israeli Rock Groups
2.5 Israeli Choral Groups
2.6 Israeli Song Festivals
2.7 Israeli Folk Dances
2.8 Ladino Songs
2.9 Songs for Children
2.10 Religious and Secular Vocal Solos
2.11 Multiple Languages
3.1 Yiddish Vocal Solos
3.4 Yiddish Choral
3.5 Jewish Theater, Movies, and Radio
3.6 Jewish Wedding Music, and Klezmer
3.8 Yiddish and Hebrew
4.1 Vocal Music by Jewish Artists
4.2 Music by Jewish Composers or with Jewish Themes
4.3 Instrumentals by Jewish Artists
4.4 Jewish Humor
4.5 Narrations

You can borrow these CDs by checking them out at the library desk or listen to them on the library’s Victrola by calling the Director of Senior and Adult Programs at (858) 362-1141 to make an appointment for access to the Victrola, which is on a wheeled cart in the closet next to the CD trays.