Corporate Fitness at the J

Whether you are a small business or part of a global empire, your employees are the backbone of your success. Studies show that increasing the amount of time people move – even just a little – can have huge benefits for your workplace and improve the overall health of your employees. 

While you may have a small fitness center at your place of business, the JCC has something to get everyone going-- from our state of the art swimming pool and fitness center to sports leagues and hundreds of monthly group exercise classes including stress-reducing meditation and yoga.

The JCC is convenient to thousands of people working, living or commuting near La Jolla's UTC area. Offer your employees the gift of good health while you:

  • Boost Productivity
    Good health is its own reward, but it promotes change in other areas as well. Healthier people tend to take fewer sick days, are less tired, and are more productive at work.

  • Manage Stress
    There is no better way to combat stress than to exercise! Employees suffering from high stress levels have lower engagement, are less productive, and have higher absenteeism levels.

  • Promote a Healthy Culture
    Employees who feel supported in their efforts to eat healthy and exercise regularly are more likely to stick with it resulting in personal health and productivity benefits.

Our Corporate Membership program is extremely affordable and is available with a minimum of five memberships.

To learn more please contact our Guest Services specialists at 858-362-1348.

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