The babysitting services of the LFJCC are provided to accommodate members (JCC members only) while they are here on the premises exercising and/or a program or meeting. Please remember that there is a 1 ½ hour time limit.

Hours of Operation: Monday-Friday 8:00 AM – 12:30 PM Saturday-Sunday 8:30 AM – 12:30 PM.

It is important that all members follow these guidelines so that the JCC can continue to provide your children with a fun and safe environment. Thank you!


1. Children ages 3 months – 5 years are welcome to use babysitting services.
2. Parents are asked to sign in and out their child(ren). This procedure includes making the
babysitting staff aware of their facility usage plans so they can be notified of their child(ren)’s
3. Parents are asked to sign out their child at the conclusion of their facility usage or at the 1 ½
hour time limit (whichever comes first). If anyone other than the parent that dropped the child
off will be picking the child up, babysitting staff must be given notice in writing at the time of
drop off.
4. Snacks and drinks are provided by parents. Please do not bring the following foods:
a. Grapes d. Raw vegetables
b. Raisins e. Nut based products
c. Meat or poultry f. Popcorn
5. Our babysitting services are designed to provide appropriate and thorough supervision of
children while their parents use LFJCC services. Babysitting staff will ask parents to do the
following if needed:
a. Change diapers/take a child to the restroom
b. Settle a very upset child (crying for more than 10 minutes)
c. Feed a baby a bottle
6. In order to provide the best care, there is a 12 child limit at all times for babysitting services. All
members are served on a first come, first served basis and reservations cannot be made in
7. We care about the health of your child(ren) and our staff. Please do not bring sick children to
babysitting. Parents will be asked to take their child home in the event, the child exhibits any of
the following symptoms:
a. Fever over 100 degrees
b. Diarrhea/vomiting
c. Rash
d. Conjunctivitis (pink eye)
e. Mouth sores
8. At times, children may need to be separated by age based on staff present