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JCompany FAQs

Do I need to pay to audition?

No. Auditioning for JCompany does not cost anything. However, to audition, all young artists must be registered in a required Core Class or Master Class. You are also required to submit a type of payment for the production fees should your young artists be cast in the production. 

Do I need to sign up for a class to audition? Do I need to stay in the class if I am not cast in the show?

In order to be eligible to audition, all young artists are required to sign up for a Core Class or Master Class for the upcoming session at - or before - auditioning. Your registration in that class is processed and valid regardless of whether you are cast, or not. We are unable to offer refunds for class registrations at this time.

If a conflict should arise after you register for the class, you are welcome to exchange to a future class session, for a $5 administrative fee. We are only able to process a maximum of two exchanges per season, and that exchanged class will not satisfy the class registration requirement for a future audition.

If you are registered in the Spring class session (for the fourth production of the season), we apologize, but we are unable to exchange that class registration to a future session.

How is the class sign-up requirement different from paying to audition?

We require that you register for a class, like a co-curricular requirement you would find in high school or college (two classes you must take at the same time). Your are paying for a seat/enrollment in a class, where you will get to learn from our amazing JCompany instructors! Paying to audition would be just that - paying for the opportunity to be seen by our artistic director and the show's creative team.

How do I sign up for an audition? Do I have to be Jewish to audition? Do I have to be a JCC member to audition?

Firstly, you do not have to be Jewish or a JCC member to audition! JCompany casts young artists regardless of religion, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, economic status, or community center participation! All we ask is that you be within the stated age range for any given class or production.

In order to sign up for an audition, please visit the JCompany audition page at jco_auditions.aspx. Under the section for the show you are interested in, you will see three buttons: "Sign Up For an Audition Appointment," "Online Registration" and "Audition Forms" (once available). Select Sign Up For an Audition Appointment to schedule the time for your audition. Select Online Registration to sign up for your required class and register for your audition. 

Once you have signed up and registered for an audition, you can download and print the audition packet, to get a head-start on the paperwork you will need to fill out at your audition. If you do not have a printer, there will be packets available in advance to pick up in the JCompany hallway of the LFJCC, or you can fill one out when you arrive on the day of your audition.

Who will be in my audition with me?

All JCompany auditions are group auditions - you will be in your audition for the entirety of the half-hour slot. In the room, you will have Joey Landwehr (JCompany's Artistic Director), the music director for the show, the choreographer, an accompanist, and 10-15 other young artists. 

What do I need to bring to my audition?

Please bring yourself and a song! We ask that you prepare a one-minute selection (about 16-32 bars) of a musical theatre song of your choice. You can sing whatever song you feel best shows off your voice! For our youngest artists and new singers, any song you know and like to sing is fine.

You will need the sheet music for that song, as well. If you don't have a voice instructor or access to sheet music, we recommend you download music from - they have a huge library of music. Please either print the sheet music double-sided, hole punch it, and put it in a binder, or print it single-sided and tape it accordion-style. This is to make reading your sheet music easier for the accompanist!

If you have a headshot and resume, please bring that with you. If not, any snapshot of yourself, we have a camera e can take your picture with at auditions. If you do not have a resume, there is a place in the audition packet to list your experience (if any).

Lastly, please bring your credit card or checkbook, your audition packet, and a list of your conflicts for the entire rehearsal and production period, if any.

Unfortunately, we are unable to accept video submissions. Also, guest accompanists are not allowed. 

What happens on the day of the audition?

All auditions take place on-site at the Lawrence Family Jewish Community Center. On the day of your audition, please arrive at the JCC 15-20 minutes before your scheduled audition slot, to allow time for JCompany staff and volunteers to check you in.

When you first arrive at the JCC, make your way to the audition waiting room. You will see several tables set up in stations. As you make a circuit around the tables, you will turn in your paperwork, confirm your class, and learn about your parent volunteering paperwork. Once you have finished the check-in process at the last station, you are welcome to have a seat at any available location in the room.

When the time arrives for your young artist's audition slot, or when the previous group finishes their auditions and returns to the room, all young artists registered for the upcoming slot will have their names called in order of arrival. All auditionees who have their names called will proceed into the audition room, where our Artistic Director Joey Landwehr will welcome them and give them a small orientation speech. They will then take turns auditioning for the creative team, so please make sure you bring your sheet music into the room with you.

Parents, we know you'd like to be in the room with your young artists, but we ask that you remain in the waiting area - no parents will be allowed into the auditions.

After everyone is finished, unless there is a miscellaneous task (like having your measurements taken by our costume designer), everyone will return to the waiting area, and you are free to go home. Overall, the process usually takes between 35-50 minutes; larger groups will take longer.

When are the classes that I am required to take in order to audition?

The classes for the audition requirement will take place usually 1-3 weeks after rehearsals begin for the production - so you are expected to be available for these dates. We account for the class dates when we make our rehearsal schedules - if you are cast in the show, you won't need to be in two places at once.

When is the class I signed up for?

Please check JCompany's classes page at JCoClasses for a list of upcoming classes. If you do not see your class listed, the class may be full. Please email the JCompany Program Assistant at with any questions. They will respond to you within two business days. You will also receive a reminder email roughly a week before your class starts. Lastly, feel free to take a picture of your registration form before you send it in! Many of our families do this to remember what class they signed up for.

How do I register for the classes?

If enrollment for the class is open, please visit jco_classes to sign up and submit payment. All available classes will be on that page.

Class requirements for shows of the season:

  • Show #1 - Fall Session I (Classes in September)
  • Show #2 - Fall Session II (Classes in November-December)
  • Show #3 - Winter Session (Classes in January-February)
  • Show #4 - Spring Session (Classes in April)

Please keep in mind that this is a rough guide, and the exact dates of a class session are subject to change based on the season's schedule.

What does everything cost? When will I be charged for that? What are the costs I can expect from being involved in JCompany?

Several weeks before your audition:

  • JCompany Core Classes: $110/JCC Members: $88
  • JCompany Master Classes: $95/JCC Members: $76

Within 24-48 hours after the cast list is posted (if you are cast):

  • JCompany Production Fee: $299/JCC Members: $239
  • JCompany Lunch Fee (Lunch is served to all young artists on Sundays in between shows):$36

Within two weeks of your audition:

  • Show Extras (Optional): Price Varies
  • Show Circle of Stars (Optional): $150

Within two business days of receipt:

  • Any other class registrations (As One Vocal Ensemble, On The Town, JCompany Junior, etc.)
  • Subsequent Extras orders
  • Any other payment

How much is a JCC membership?

The price of a JCC membership varies depending on your family and your needs. If you are interested in membership at the JCC, please contact Mary Cotner, at (858) 362-1178 or

Do you have financial aid/assistance available?

The JCC has a small scholarship fund available, through which we offer need-based scholarships that can cover up to 50-75% of a young artist's production or class fees. Students may only receive one scholarship per year. All applications are reviewed by the JCC Controller and are awarded on a first-come first-served basis per show.

All scholarship applications are due at least three weeks prior to the young artist's audition date. We recommend turning your application in at least four weeks prior, in case there are any questions regarding your application materials. You will be notified if you are offered a scholarship before your audition date - if you have not heard back from us within one week of your upcoming audition, please contact the JCompany Program Assistant at 858-362-1155.

If you are offered a scholarship and are cast in the show, your production fee will be reduced. If you are offered a scholarship but not cast in the show, your class registration fee will be reduced. If you are offered a scholarship, no payment will be required at your audition.

Regardless of whether or not you are offered a scholarship, in qualifying circumstances a payment plan can be arranged for all JCompany fees. We will always do our best to work with you!

If you would like to apply for financial assistance, please reach out to the JCompany Program Assistant at 858-362-1155, or Thank you!

What is the rehearsal schedule for my show/the show I'm auditioning for?

In general, JCompany schedules rehearsals Monday-Thursday 4:00-7:00 PM, and Sundays 1:00-5:00 PM. Tech week rehearsals are 4:00-8:00 PM on weekdays. As such, we ask that you be available during those blocks of time if you are auditioning for a show. We do not schedule rehearsals on Fridays or Saturdays. If you are cast in a show, you will not be called to every rehearsal - it will vary depending on the individual show and your role within it.

The rehearsal schedule for each individual show is customized for each cast, and so cannot be released until after the cast list has been posted. It is very important that you write down any conflicts you may have on the last page of your audition packet, because these are taken into account when we create the schedule!

Do you have any options available if I don't want to do a musical?

JCompany is always expanding our programming and we are doing Romeo and Juliet in May 2019! Please check the audition page to sign up to audition!

This is my first time doing theatre/acting/singing/dancing - how do you recommend I get started?

JCompany offers four class sessions a year, as well as countless master classes. These are an excellent way to be introduced and be confident in singing, dancing, and acting! In addition, if you would like to work on your skills in greater depth, we have several incredible instructors on staff who offer year-round private lessons in voice, dance, and acting. 

What if I don't want to be onstage but still want to be involved in theatre?

If you would like to be involved with JCompany behind the scenes, you can apply to be a part of our crew! The crew/assistant stage manager (ASM) application will become available on the JCompany audition page between 2-4 weeks before auditions for the respective production. All you need to do is fill out the application, and if you are selected to crew, we will be in touch roughly a month after rehearsals begin. Please note that minimum age to crew a show is 10, and minimum age to be an ASM is 13.

If you have never been a cast member of a JCompany production before, but you would like to participate in crew, you must contact JCompany Artistic Director, Joey Landwehr at and schedule an interview with him after submitting your crew application, in order to be considered. This is true even if you have siblings who have crewed or been cast members of shows previously. If you would like to ASM, we recommend expressing your interest by contacting Joey, as well as our stage manager, as early as possible - even before applications become available. We cannot guarantee you will be selected to ASM if you contact them, but you definitely will not be selected if you don't!

As a crew member, you must commit to attending every tech rehearsal (the final week of rehearsals before the show opens), as well as every performance. As an ASM, you have a very serious and important responsibility, and you must commit to attending every rehearsal, as well as every performance.