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Our Teachers

Kendal Dastrup

Miss Kendal is an Alumni of the JCompany Youth Theatre where she became good friends with previous JCo Junior teacher Miss Kayden. Miss Kaydon has worked at JCompany for many years and Miss Kendal is back and ready to teach. She is here to share her love of the arts with kids ages 4-7! Both being JCo Alumni, the arts and students success are very important to them.

Kaydon Schanberger

Kaydon Schanberger is thrilled to be back teaching J Co Jr! As a J Company Alumni, J Company holds a special place for her and she looks forward to sharing her love with all of her students. Kaydon is completing her Masters Degree in Educational Psychology(2022) from Texas A & M University holding a Bachelors Degree in Integrated Studies with an Emphasis in Education from Point Loma Nazarene University. Additionally, she possesses a dual teaching credential in General Education and Mild-Moderate Special Education, and Associate Degrees in both Child and Human Development with a Certification in Child, Family Relations. Kaydon has worked at or been involved with the JCC in many aspects. She spent 6 years as Unit Leader at Camp Jaycee, taught within the Nierman Preschool, and taught JCompany Junior for JCompany Youth Theater. She cannot wait to spread the love of theatre to the newest young artists.